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Cleaning guidelines at Ca l'Atzavara to help prevent the spread of COVID-19

Below we tell you how we have extreme the hygiene and disinfection of the accommodation between reservations.


1. Disinfection and thorough cleaning of the apartments:


Prior to the guest's entry, a complete and thorough cleaning of the entire apartment is carried out emphasizing those areas that normally have the most contact.


2. Ozone machine:


In order to take extreme precautions and ensure the safety of our guests, we have purchased an ozone machine for disinfection of the interior of the apartment. Ozone is the gas with the greatest disinfecting and sterilizing power that exists.


The procedure is very simple: the ozone device is placed and activated for 30 minutes, then you only need to open doors and windows to ventilate the apartment.


This quick treatment not only kills mites but also removes any odor or moisture, among others. It is a natural disinfectant that avoids the use of chemical agents that it surpasses, in addition, in speed and efficiency, as it is able to disinfect air, surfaces, fabrics and furniture.

This is possible because ozone degrades all kinds of compounds transforming them into inert and harmless by-products that lose their properties.

In a few seconds it is converted back into oxygen, leaves no residue and is completely environmentally friendly.


3. Outdoor spaces:


Every day we disinfect the outdoor spaces such as swimming pool, sun loungers, pillows, tables and chairs with bleach solution.


In these spaces you will find various dispensers with hydroalcoholic gel to disinfect your hands.


4. Cleaning staff:


  • We use protective material mask and gloves for cleaning each apartment.

  • We wash our hands before and after cleaning the apartment.

  • We look at the surfaces that are most often touched such as: door handles, kitchen utensils and appliances, switches, remote controls, nails, railings, dryer, etc.

  • We clean and disinfect the entire apartment with the Ozone machine.

  • We wash all the sheets and towels in the washing machine at maximum temperature.

  • We empty the vacuum cleaner after each cleaning.

  • We always put bags in the trash cans.

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