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Near L'Atzavara


The Atzavara is located approximately 30 minutes drive from the city of Tarragona, of Roman descent; the city of Reus, characterized by its modernist style and its commercial area; we can also find, in a southerly direction, Penyiscola, a traditional fishing village, or cities where Salou, with many restaurants, bars and nightclubs; and for the little ones, located next to Tarragona and Reus, the Port Aventura amusement park.


To make possible a perfect planning of your stay in Atzavara, Noemí and Josep will be able to personally expand the variety of activities to be carried out, reservation of restaurants in the area, organize guided tours, etc. If you are interested in sailing, there is the possibility of booking a sailing route along the coast of Atzavara.


Activities and excursions

Beaches and Creacks

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